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The SOUTHPORTREALTY  Team can also offer the services you need on this specialized field.

Often, properties are needlessly sold in “as-is” condition when they would fetch a considerably higher price with some rehabilitation work. The average pricing for distressed property was substantially lower than for non-distressed property.
Clearly, repairs and renovations to make a home “move-in ready” can make a big difference in the selling price.
Companies that specialize in buying distressed assets, rehabilitating them and selling them quickly can make substantial profits.
SOUTHPORTREALTY, is specialized in all aspects of REO management, we are especially adapt at knowing when and where to rehab properties for clients.
We realize that ROI is individual to each property and market, and that there are times when a more extensive rehab will yield a greater return.
SOUTHPORTREALTY does have some excellent properties which fit this criteria.
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The main advantages are a significant:
  • A real reduction in construction timeline compared to build from scratch.
  • Acquisition at lower prices
  • The possibility to adapt the house to the customer's taste
  • The possibility to choose the finishes and equipment for use in rehabilitation / repair
  • After the rehab you had a lot of value to the inicial investment.