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Many times, the importance of first impressions is ignored.
The first thing a buyer sees is the outside part of the property and the way it fits in the surroundings.
Do make sure that the exterior of your property is well kept, painted and your garden is groomed.
In real estate, appearances mean a lot.
The best way to add value to your property is to make it attractive at first sight.
Cross over to the opposite side of your property, turn around and ask yourself…”Am I impressed? Would I buy this property?”.
Do the same thing with the interior of the house and your garden.
Get yourself in a buyer’s position and see what sort of impression he may get from your property.
Always be honest. It is not the fact that this is your property that it is flawless.
It is imperative that the property is clean, tidy and decluttered in order to have good pictures taken as well as to show it to potential clients.
Most potential clients do not have the ability to visualize space when a property is overly cluttered.
As the object of all this is to turn the property into something desirable and attractive, it may be necessary to invest a little in good décor, groomed garden, clean pool, some maintenance and repairs that may be needed.
These are a few points where you can add value to your property.
You must not forget that there is a balance point between the investment you will be making and the added value to your property. Going over that balance point can occur in a bad investment.
A vast rehabilitation of your property can turn into something more expensive than rebuilding or buying a ready to move into property.
Annalise your interior spaces and have a look to see if, by reorganizing certain elements, you can make your property more appealing.
Many times we tend to put walls up to create an extra room as the family grows, making spaces tighter and less appealing.
See which sort of decorative objects you can include in your sale in order to differentiate them from the rest.
Count on external services to help you find better usage of your available space. In this aspect, many experienced Real Estate agencies are able to help you.
There are professionals specialized in the visual preparation of a property that is to go on the market for sale. Their tips accelerate the sale. For these reasons, a model apartment always helps to sell all the others.
Esthetic is important, but windows, doors, roofs, electrical equipment, hydraulics are also important and must be up to standards with the building laws and in good working conditions.
The most important is to have the property in livable conditions, giving the potential buyers the certainty that they will enjoy their new home without having to spend time or money with repairs.
Regardless of how much you spent renovating or redecorating your property, the important thing is to set a sale price adequately, according to the current market value.
This can be done through information on what has been sold in your area with similar characteristics, what is still for sale and how long it has been for sale for, how many properties like yours are still for sale and for how much, what is the square meter price in your area, evaluator’s report and many more aspects.
Your Real Estate agent should be able to help you with all that information.
Many times, Real Estate agents will accept your asking price without advising you of the surrounding market prices or will even overprice your property, which, to a seller, is music to his ears.
However, you will find that the property remains on the market month after month after month, when you know you’ve done everything you were told to and still, there seems to be no interest in your property.
I believe it is better to be frontal and honest right from the beginning than tell you what you want to hear and come out looking like a joke in the very end.
It is normal that soon after, these agents will start using their standard price lowering techniques having taken 1 or 2 potential buyers, letting you know that the client’s feedback was that the price was quite high, forgetting that they, the agents themselves, were the ones who told you your property was worth that much from the start.
What ends up happening is, the inflated price they gave you originally, will now be adjusted to the actual market price that it should have been in in the first place.
You should not sell your property for a lower price, especially when you have invested quite a good amount of money in rehabilitation and decoration of the property.
However, it is important that your selling price is not way over the price of other properties in your area with the same similarities. You will be helping your neighbors to sell their property.
Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes…if there were others similar in your area, why would he buy yours? Try to leave all sentimental values towards your property, aside. It will only affect you negatively.